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Repair service

Is there damage to your building or is one of the installations defective? Krämer Groep offers  a Repair Service which is available day and night, even in the weekend. You can contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Available day and night

As soon as you report a disturbance we will repair it as quickly as possible. Because all our maintenance vans have a track & trace system, we can send the tradesman nearest to you. When he arrives he has already read the work order on his smartphone. You can follow the status online, from the moment the visit is planned to the description of the work after it has been carried out.

Working method

  • Our repair service is available day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If you like we can determine together with you what the maximum response and restore time should be.
  • We process your report in a special program and make a work order;
    All maintenance vans have a track & trace system so that the nearest tradesman is selected directly.
  • The tradesman nearest to you will bring the appropriate tools and a supply of frequently used materials;
  • The work order is in his smartphone;
  • The tradesman will present himself to the person who reported the disturbance.
  • We repair or replace using materials equal in sort and quality. We pay special attention to the sustainable use of materials.
  • Extra materials necessary? The tradesman can get them immediately or later, depending on how urgent the situation is.
  • In some cases we finish the work at once. This is done when:
    • Your business operations are interrupted or hindered;
    • The people in the building are at risk;
    • There are risks because of weather conditions, burglary etc.
  • If the repair work cannot be finished completely, we provide emergency facilities in order to limit further damage;
  • Every month you will receive a report for each building and for each section, specifying the repair work we carried out. You will also receive a report of the response and restore times.
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