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Krämer Groep provides reliable repair and maintenance work throughout the country. We do that with a large team of specialists. All the service men, installers and tradesmen that carry out work for you are reliable, qualified and experienced.


Maintenance work

We carry out both reactive (repair work) and planned maintenance (regular maintenance to prevent damage) to non-residential properties. For preventive planned maintenance we offer maintenance contracts at a good price.


Measurements and inspections

We also carry out reliable, legally required checks, baseline measurements and condition assessments. They indicate directly which state of repair your property is in and if there is any overdue maintenance.


Repair service

Krämer Groep has an excellent repair service that you can contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can be on-site quickly thanks to our advanced planning software and a track & trace system on all our maintenance vans. We employ qualified and experienced tradesmen, including installers, plumbers, painters, interior specialists, tilers and bricklayers.

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Maintenance contract

Legal inspections

Baseline measurement

Repair service

Installation work






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