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Krämer Bouw, Verbeek Aannemersbedrijf bv, MOG Service & Onderhoud bv and Z.A. Overhage bv work together under the name Krämer Groep. We are specialised in carrying out maintenance to non-residential properties. Our company works throughout the country, among others, for the municipal and central government, care institutions, hospitals, schools and universities. We react quickly when repair work needs to be done. You can also contact us for advice about planned maintenance. Planned maintenance can often prevent major maintenance problems. We guarantee quality each step of the process. We are customer-friendly and you can count on excellent accessibility, tight planning, skilled tradesmen, and clear reporting. Good quality does not need to be expensive. Our rates are friendly, so we guarantee high quality for a low price.


The 10 principles you can always take us up on:


  1. Reachability; You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via 088 - 115 77 00.
  2. Quick service; Because of a track & trace system on our maintenance vans we can send the tradesman nearest to your property.
  3. Transparency; Via internet you have real-time insight into the progress of the planned work and the status of the work already carried-out.
  4. Effective working method; We guarantee that the measures we propose and carry out are effective, and fit in with your business objectives. Affordable, without making concessions to safety.
  5. Periodic reports; You will receive reports regularly, indicating which problems were solved, including recommendations for preventive maintenance.
  6. Review; You will also receive periodic reviews indicating the time we needed to fix the problems.
  7. Objective advice; All our inspections, baseline measurements and condition assessments are carried out in accordance with the NEN 2767 norm. This gives you an objective and unambiguous insight into the technical state of your property.
  8. Economical  long-term plan; For each building we can make an economical long-term plan for good maintenance management.
  9. Knowledge and experience; Our tradesmen have extensive knowledge and experience with regard to maintenance work and are proactive in coming up with solutions.

10. Limits to inconvenience; We explicitly take the occupants and users of the building into account

Krämer Groep Computerweg 13 | 3542 DP Utrecht
Telephone: 088-1157700 | Fax: 088-1157720
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