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Maintenance contract

Most of our clients choose for a maintenance contract. You can be sure your property is well maintained, at a friendly rate. Apart from that, planned maintenance has proved to prevent damage and high costs. Investing in reliable maintenance always pays off.

Four good reasons to choose for a maintenance contract:

  • Some inspections are legally required;
  • Defects can interfere with your business operations;
  • Overdue maintenance and hidden defects can lead to high costs;
  • The state of your property reflects your business, it’s your business card.


Baseline measurement

Before you conclude a maintenance contract, we carry out baseline measurement. This will identify the state of repair your property is in. This baseline measurement will show which issues need attention soon, and which need attention on the longer term. We also add a multi-year budget to the baseline measurement. Click here for more information about the inspections we can carry out for you.

Legally required checks

The law sets severe requirements on building maintenance. Neglecting to carry out these checks could lead to fines or other sanctions if the labour inspectorate or fire service find out. If an accident or another incident occurs, fulfilment of the legally required inspections is always investigated.

Working together with Krämer Groep means not having to worry about the legally required inspections.

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