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Working method

Krämer Groep has a flat organizational structure, because the client benefits from short communication lines. It also means that you will see the same team of tradesmen on longer projects and always have only one point of contact for the entire project.


Short communication lines

Our flat organizational structure has several advantages for you:

Quick response to your question or request;

Urgent disturbances are fixed quickly (thanks to our advanced planning software);

Less inconvenience for users and occupants;

Less interruption of business operations, so lower costs.


One point of contact

When we carry out maintenance for you there will be one point of contact, the project coordinator. Advantages for you:

Occupants and users know who to contact;

One person has a clear picture of the entire project and can act quickly and efficiently;

No transfer so, therefore, no loss of information;

It is easier to create a good relationship with only one person as the project coordinator.

Permanent team

Each longer project is done by one and the same team. This is also an advantage:

More commitment than varying teams;

No vagueness about agreements;

Effective development of knowledge about your property or situation;

No noise: you don’t need to explain or point things out again and again.

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